About a week ago I wrote an article about the veteran-led startup industry in San Diego.  This week, I’m at it again only this time, covering the Phoenix area’s new veteran business incubator called the “Armory Incubator”.  Thanks in no small part “to Air Force veteran and tech entrepreneur Phillip Potter”, the Armory will grant veteran-led businesses with free “ office space, business mentors, and access to capital” for 18 months.  In addition, the Arizona Center is partnering with Potter on the space to better support the veteran entrepreneurship community.

Although not on the scale of a San Diego yet, Potter and members of the Armory are hoping this is the first step in something much greater.  Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton is in huge support of the initiative and “wants Phoenix to be known as the most veteran-friendly city in the United States.”

Veterans start businesses at a much higher rate than the average American citizen, however often are not support anywhere near as well.  incubators and programs like these are essential in training and growing veteran businesses in America.

If you know of any other Veteran incubators throughout America, shoot us an email at contact@globaldiversitynews.com