Running a small business is hard.  As you grow, the most difficult tasks are usually the repetitive nature of business processes.  From something as simple as email or document management, figuring out a way to streamline small business processes in a cost effect manner is the desire of any and all business owner.

The trick is off loading as many repetitive tasks as possible.  Creating an automated process is necessary as your business grows in order to properly service your growing list of employees and customers.  While reading a short article from the Huffington Post, I found a list of a few good small business automation options for those interested in taking the first step towards it:

  1. Customer Relationship Management – Hubspot, Zoho, Insightly
  2. Project Management – Redbooth, Trello
  3. Payroll/Accounting – Quickbooks, Freshbooks
  4. Social media management – Hootsuite, Buffer, Socialoomph
  5. Email management – Mailchimp, Constant Contact
  6. Scheduling – Doodle, Boomerang Calendar, Calendly
  7. Task management – Active Inbox HQ
  8. Marketing – Hubspot
  9. Customer support – Zendesk

While I cannot tell you exactly which process to improve or implement first, I can give positive reviews to Mailchimp, Quickbooks, and Zendesk.  In addition simple solutions such as Google email, Docs, Sheets, etc can be utilize if you are a small shop and looking to get things done for next to nothing.  In the end, as you grow all things within the list are necessary to create a better, more efficient process to run your business.  When your organization does not run efficiently, revenue and business growth is negatively effected.

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