If there was a list for most controversial laws in America, the North Carolina HB2 legislation barring Transsexuals from the bathroom of their gender choice would be at the top (or close to it).  This bill has seen the state of North Carolina lose millions in economic revenue in the span of a year.  It has also led to the selection of a new Governor who recently announced plans to repeal the law soon.

Governor elect Roy Cooper, in an effort to appease businesses, the public, and essentially everyone not a North Carolina Republican, has tried to broker a deal that would effectively eliminate the state sucking HB2 law.  Unfortunately, North Carolina Republicans will not go down without a fight.  According to the News Observer, “GOP leaders agreed to repeal the law only if the repeal came with a six-month moratorium on local governments passing anti-discrimination ordinances, such as the Charlotte ordinance that triggered passage of HB2.”

Cooper is unwilling to bargain on this front.

Nor should he.  Normally I’m all for compromising but this is ridiculous.  According to the article, many Republicans who are bulking at the repeal of the HB2 legislation are from rural cities.  That means, when Charlotte loses $50 million worth of revenue, rural cities are unaffected.  This disrespect of sister city plights is an unfortunate shame.  We are witnessing cities push their agenda’s on other cities with little regard to their current population. It’s true, major cities like Charlotte or Raleigh should not be promoting their beliefs on smaller regions, but smaller populations should not be committing the same crime. 

Could you imagine if the Democrats in Congress at the  Federal level pulled this crap?  

Republicans of North Carolina are destroying the foundation of American principles by over stating their boundaries.  If the majority of the people voted for a new Governor, then that Governor’s policy must be respected unless it greatly affects a group of people economically or educationally.  This does neither.

If you don’t want a certain group of people using the wrong bathroom, move to a state that didn’t elect a new governor who supports LGBT laws.

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