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Why does Supplier Diversity Matter?

Supplier Diversity is an important matter that can help create millions of American jobs with the right support.  But what exactly is Supplier Diversity?  “Supplier Diversity is a proactive business program which encourages the use of minority-owned, women owned, veteran owned, LGBT-owned, service disabled veteran owned, historically underutilized business, and SBA-defined small business vendors as suppliers.”

Supplier diversity promotes innovation, drives competition, and showcases a company’s commitment to the economic growth of communities throughout our nation. The great folks from Procurement News developed a list of reasons why supplier diversity matters:

  1. Partnerships with diverse suppliers will give your business a competitive advantage when facing changing customer demographics.
  2. Essentially, diversity brings a number of different backgrounds and life experiences into your supplier mix to overcome homogenous thinking with fresh new perspectives.

Join the Pledge!! To learn more please visit – http://www.supportsupplierdiversity.com

-Ray Hayes


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