Technology has been a boon for small businesses.  Not only has the expansion of technology made life easier for small business owners, it has also decreased the gap between large and small enterprises in many fields.  Although these advancements have proven crucial in today’s explosive entrepreneurial market, there are still alot of downsides for small businesses looking to utilize technology to help their company grow.

The biggest issue in that regard is the recruitment of top tech talent.    While many small businesses hope to attract the next Mark Zuckerberg to their startup business the truth is there is next to no chance of that happening.  According to Terence Chiu, vice president of Indeed Prime, a website for job searches, “competition for tech talent is getting even more fierce”

To further this, when Indeed contacted a large group of small businesses, 84% stated “that the inability to hire tech experts has stunted revenue, slowed production and company expansion, and increased employee tension and burnout.” While the necessity of tech talent if major, the options are few and far between.  Top talent want the top pay and corporations like Google and Apple can pay for their services.

On the bright side, there is still tons of talent in other areas.  If small businesses are looking to look away from the California trend, they can find a boatload of tech experts in growing cities including Austin, Atlanta, Seattle, and more. It’s not as much about finding the top talent as it is finding the right talent that fits you and your business.  

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