Diversity, diversity, and diversity.  The term has expanded over the past few years engulfing many media outlets and industries.  From technology, to “liberal concepts” and everything in between, a concerted effort is being made to create opportunities for those not familiar with the idea.

Enter AnyKey.  AnyKey is an advocacy research organization whose aim is to analyze the eSports industry and ultimately figure out a way to expand it.  After examining the eSports community for almost a year, AnyKey has created the concept of the Keystone Code, which according to PC Gamer is “a set of values that affiliate organisations are encouraged to support within their own communities.”  The purpose is to bring a sense of respect and compassion to gaming communities which are known for their extreme comments and denigrating analysis.

While the effort is commendable (to learn more about AnyKey’s projects CLICK HERE), it is a far cry from the final solution.

People hate change.  Whether it be for the better or worst, “community experts” will always cry foul and look for ways to undermine the new effort.  The eSports world is one of the worst when it comes to introducing change, which is ironic as the industry is all about utilizing the latest technology available.  But still, change is hard.  Just look at the top online community Twitch.  Reading the comments section is like entering the mind  of a 13 year old who thinks the world revolves around his keyboard fingers.  If a woman is shown in any capacity, things go south in a hurry.

Still AnyKey understands their fighting an uphill battle and is committed to see it through, at least for now.  With funding from Intel and ESL, the organization has a fighting chance.  But if you’re wondering how high that hill is they’re climbing, look no further than the comments section of the article.  When you consider the fact that simply researching the idea of diversity in eSports is met with a viceral reaction, imagine what happens when actionable change
is suggestion.

Good luck AnyKey.  I support the initative although I’m not sure that counts for much.

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