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Looking for a group communication option for your small business? Check out Facebook Messenger

When running a small business, there are little options that are better than “free of cost”. Facebook Messenger is a new group chatting application that allows up to 50 people to join in a call and listen to presenters and co-workers alike.  For face to face conversations, up to 6 people can join and discuss anything from business revenue to last night’s music concert. As a small business owner myself, finding options for group chat is plentiful but the location is not always conducive.  Usually it’s a separate option similar to a Webex or Gotomeeting where it’s used specifically for presentations, meetings, etc.  A group chat like the one Facebook is proposing could do wonders as it connects with a large social media base and easily integrates with people’s profiles.  This is also great for small businesses as most companies have less than 5 employees to start.  Six people is a great number to start, and gives participants access over their phone while still performing daily / routine tasks.

For those interested in the new product check out a quick video of the application below.  If you have any further comments, email us at contact@globaldiversitynews.com


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