The Walking Dead is the most popular genre show on television.  The numbers are staggering when you consider the fact that The Walking Dead has double the ratings of the cult hit Game of Thrones.  Diversity sells.  It’s always confusing to me when naysayers of diversity paint the picture of a society unfairly promoting the diversity narrative.  “We should be promoting people based on skill, not on race” is the theme song I believe.  The truth is, life isn’t that simple.  Was Tom Cruise really the most qualified person to tell the story of the Last Samurai in Japan?  Probably not.  But Cruise was a star who sold tickets.

When it comes to running an organization, it’s about what’s best for business.  And right now, diversity is what’s best for business.  Although behind the scenes Game of Thrones struggles with diversity, in front of it they’ve done an excellent job.  I am (or was because George
RR Martin refuses to release another book) a reader of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series and I can tell you right now, many of the now diverse characters were not meant to be the way.  Now before you cry foul, keep in mind a lot of the things were change, characters were cut, storylines shortened, and ages were increased.  If you have a problem with the changing of a character’s race and not of the other issues, you are unreasonable.

In a big victory for diversity, “The Walking Dead comes out on top with 37% of the episodes being directed by minorities. And 37% of the episodes were written by minority writers.”  In the beginning there were many issues in particular the type casting of women.  As the show has grown, they’ve done an excellent job of growing with their audience, expanding the universe, and telling a more inclusive story for more people to enjoy.  Diversity generates profit in the entertainment field.  We can no longer only release films about World War 2 or European ancient history and not expect backlash.  There are many stories to tell and it’s time entertainment organizations take advantage of the times.

I know Marvel and Star Wars has