Colorado and Washington should be sister states in some aspect.  They are always on the cutting edge of new legislative opportunities and have been rewarded for their state entrepreneurial ship.  It’s odd when you consider that neither state is very similar in terms of makeup.  While Washington sports one of the most liberal cities in America, heavy on technology, and a Democratic stalworth, Colorado is very republican, promoting state’s rights furiously with a more family orientated culture (not to say Washington isn’t).  Colorado is the open-minded republican, I like to say.

As a guy who does not support a Federal minimum wage of $15 (I believe each state needs their own minimum wage to compensate for cost of livings), it is a pleasure to see the Colorado voters raise their minimum wage to $12 on their own regard.  While the effort is said to may be an issue when dealing with rural and small businesses in the long run, the fact is, you just won’t know unless you try.  The minimum wage will hit $12 by 2020 giving the state, and organizations plenty of time to make preparations for handling it.  I support the state and what they’re doing and I look forward to the results.

Again Colorado has been at the forefront of many initiatives and I am not surprised they are leading the charge once again. It is a testament to its people and has benefit their state revenue and population growth.

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