Weeks away from a Trump presidency and I figured I’d ask an important question for those within the diversity community.  Do you think Donald Trump’s lack of minorities reflect a color-blind approach in hiring decisions?  The question is based on a statement made by a top Trump advisor promoting the idea that Cabinet qualifications are more important than checking off a box for black or Hispanic.

While I don’t support the quota check box system alluded to, I hardly think recent Cabinet hires reflect a color-blind approach for Trump.  Donald Trump is appointing close allies to Cabinet posts and rewarding loyal followers as all President’s do.  As his inner circle are mostly made up of white men, his Cabinet appointees reflect that truth.  I am less concerned about the race of his Cabinet members as I am their qualifications.  For example, how the former CEO of ExxonMobil is the most qualified person to lead our State Department or how a man who constantly sues the EPA is the best suited to control and grow it, I have no clue.

If Trump wants to go outside the box and appoint a man with dozens of years of foreign policy experience outside the mold of the federal government, sure I can support it.  But to asking a business man with little experience to develop policy on American interests in South America and Central Europe is a tall task.

Still, this is where we are as a nation.  Diversity will be an issue within the Trump administration, although I don’t think it will be an issue that is happening due to malice.  Because of this questions should always be asked when groups of people are not represented, especially when their passed over for people with less experience.  For right now, both sides are in the right with the Trump administration backing members with success in other fields, and diversity advocates wondering why black and Hispanics with more qualified resumes were skipped over.

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