According to Frank Costabilo small businesses choose Trump in an effort to change the direction of America.  In my opinion, Costabilo’s article is fair to the extent that he doesn’t blindly believe President-elect Trump will change thins for the better, but has hope that electing a new type of leader will prompt America on a better course of success.  Like much of the new President’s promises, we simply do not know what will come of his Presidency, but we can all agree it will be a very unique four years.

After reading Costabilo’s article I see alot of what he’s talking about.  If the perception of the 5,000 small businesses he met with were generally in line with his writings then it does explain alot of why Donald Trump was elected.  While I agree with some of his points, others are dipped in misleading rhetoric (for example blaming illegal immigrants for Hilary Clinton’s popular vote victory).  On a domestic level, Donald Trump has already proven to be a boon in the short term.  Companies like Ford, Carrier, and Sprint have already reported an increase in American jobs not seen under the Obama administration (or at least not promoted as much). In addition to jobs, markets have reacted positively to the President-elect reaching record highs and creating a term known as the Trump Bump.

Donald Trump has been a positive in key areas, but for others, I’m not as convinced he will be as much of a benefit.  In terms of immigration, I truly do not understand the issue.  Arguing that jobs are leaving our shores and going overseas I can agree with, but thinking illegal immigration (which is at a 40 year low) is an issue needing a $10 trillion fix is absurd. Less than 100,000 illegal immigrants enter America now-a-days, and the majority of them return home soon after.  Furthermore, the renegotiating of Trade Agreements and Healthcare reform is a major unknown.  As with the Obama Administration, current healthcare and agreements may be better than the ones we’re promised in the future.  We simply don’t know and to be honest, Trump did a bad job explaining how he’d improve them.

Americans are frustrated.  Although our country is supposedly hitting record economic numbers, those dollars are simply not trickling down to the average citizen.  Trying to figure out ways to ensure more money is accessed by the rest of us is key to helping change the country’s sentiment about its recovery.  In the end, no one truly knows what Trump will do because, although he promised things would get better, he never really told us how.

For those who think the unknown was the right choice and anything was better than Hilary Clinton, your devotion will now be tested.

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