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Here we go again.  Texas, like North Carolina is looking to introduce a bathroom bill barring transgender person’s from using bathroom facilities corresponding to their current gender.  Last week, a Texas Republican state senator introduced the new legislation under heavy scrutiny from Texas business groups that believe the plan will hurt the local economy (like it did with North Carolina). According to the Texas Association of Business, “…such legislation in Texas could result in economic losses ranging from $964 million to $8.5 billion for the state.”

Some Texan legislators believe the law could protect the privacy and safety of many people throughout the state. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is the leader of the legislative team pushing for the new agenda. Patrick said in reference to the proposed Texas bathroom bill, “It is the right thing to do.”

Well, Mr. Patrick let’s just say this, if the state of North Carolina has taught us anything, it definitely has showed that this bill will hinder the local economy and you may lose hundreds of contracts from big businesses. Hopefully, the Texan legislators will think things through before the bill is passed into law.

Source: http://www.voanews.com/a/texas-bathroom-bill-critics-say-target-lgbt-rights/3664890.html

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