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Cintas celebrates 10 years with its supplier diversity program

Cintas recently celebrated its supplier diversity program’s 10 year anniversary. Philip Holloman, President and COO of Cintas promoted his organizations committed to its program stating that “Diversity is a key ingredient to the success of our organization because it helps drive a competitive advantage, customer satisfaction, innovation, flexibility, shareholder value, revenue and more.”

This is a huge accomplishment and one that I have been witness to for the past few years. In meeting the team at Cintas I can personally attest to their dedication in connecting with and granting opportunities for undeserved groups.

According to their press release via Business Wire, Cintas has achieved a great deal within their program, including spending “over $1.5 billion with diverse suppliers, finishing Fiscal Year 2016 at 11.5 percent” and training “more than 1,400 suppliers in courses such as “Selling the Cintas Way,” “Meticulous Hiring” and “Leading Negotiations”

Cintas is not looking to stop here either. Over the next three years the organization is hoping to increase their spend with diverse suppliers and “develop accountability goals for all divisions to ensure supplier diversity is a top priority across the organization.”

An excellent goal in my opinion.

If you’re a diverse business who is looking to take the first step in connecting with 300 corporations including Cintas Corporation, check out www.Supplierty.com


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