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Ford scraps Mexico factory after Trump’s scathing words

President-elect Donald Trump has some scathing words for US companies not committed to hiring American workers.

According to the future President, “Make in the USA or pay big border tax!”

Since winning the election Mr. Trump has made it very clear that he wants US companies including United Technologies, Boeing Co, and Lockheed Martin Corp to keep some form of product manufacturing in the US.  With popular automakers like Ford and GM known for outsourcing jobs to cheaper countries such as Mexico, this change in American policy is huge.  In response to this new government action, Ford CEO Mark Fields recently announced that his company will scrap plans for the creation of a $1.6 billion Mexican car factory in favor of staying in Michigan.  This move will likely result in  700 jobs for the area.  According to Fields, the move to abandon the plan was a “vote of confidence in Trump, but primarily a response to a decline in North American demand for small cars like those that would have been made at the Mexican plant.” Furthermore, Ford plans to invest over $700 million to expand the Flat Rock, MI auto factory.

This is another win for the future Trump administration and has my full support. In order to bring back a state rebuilding its identity, jobs must be present. These jobs will help the state in its rebound and is a great symbol for our future President who is looking to make a big statement on his support in American jobs.


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