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Mark Cuban tells vets the truth about starting a business

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about San Diego being a top city for veteran-owned businesses.  I am pleased to re-emphasize that statement with this writing.  Oh yes, I gloat!

Clever Talks, “a San Diego nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of vets and active-duty military with ideas,” held a day long conference where Mark Cuban headlined the engagement with a speech on starting a business in today’s environment.  In true Cuban fashion, the billionaire entrepreneur gave the cold hard truths about how to succeed as a new business.  For Cuban its not about raising money or even passion.  It’s about sales!  Without sales, no company is successful.

In addition, Cuban explained the need for a niche or business edge. “I was never the one to chase a particular sector because whatever you do you have to ask yourself what’s your edge,” Cuban said. “If you don’t have an answer, you can’t start that company.”

For the Veterans in attendance the conference was a good place to start thinking about future business prospects.  While moving from the military to the business world can be hard, programs such as Clever Talks make it a bit easier transition from military personnel to entrepreneur.



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