Comcast spends $15 billion a year in “advertising, set-top boxes, TV remotes, office furniture, software and vans” from the 53rd floor of Philadelphia’s Comcast Center. If you’re looking to do business with the telecom giant, the first thing you need to do is establish a close relationship with the buyers.

A little known fact about Comcast purchasing; the company reserves the right to purchase stock in a supplier if a certain amount of products or services are purchased. The business model is a bit unusual but works for the Conglomerte who can tout the purchase of other big name corporations such as NBCUniversal. An Aussie born corporate buyer nicknamed Peter K is at the top of the Comcast purchasing department in the city of Brotherly Love. Although most small businesses can only dream of grabbing a meeting with the top brass, the company is focused on its spend. In addition to the $15 billion budget in Philedelphia, the organization spends another $10.5 billion in entertainment and TV split between California and New York. Comcast is also apart of the Billion Dollar Roundtable, spending in excess of $1 billion with minority and women suppliers. For Comcast the culture of purchasing runs deep. Relationships, service, and Philadelphia flows through 53rd floor of Comcast Center, and if you’re considering breaking into the organization, get ready to take a trip to the east coast.

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