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Gigi Chao, the homeless daughter turned gay billionaire heiress

Gigi Chao is the heiress to the billionaire property company Cheuk Nang Holdings Ltd.  While this sounds like the dream life of any child, life wasn’t always that way.  Born to a billionaire father but poor mother, Chao spent the early half of her life living with her mother and cousins in a small 25 sq ft house.  As she grew older, she realized she was gay and was shunned by her father.  In 2012, responding to Gigi’s marriage to a woman, her father Cecil, offered $65 million to any man who could convince his lesbian daughter to marry them.  Two years later, Cecil would increase that amount to $80 million.

Despite his initial lack of acceptance, Gigi remained true to herself.  She was fired by her father in 2005, but rehired in 2012 due to her efforts and commitment.  After much hard work Gigi Chao was selected by her father to succeed him as the leader of Cheuk Nang Holdings Ltd.

At 37, the gay activist and business woman has seen adversity and conquered it time and time again.  We salute Gigi Chao for her commitment.

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