The Affordable Care Act (ACA), despite its many transgressions has done alot of good.  Today 29 million who did not have Healthcare before the law was passed, can now say they have Healthcare.  Although this is a positive for the selected, the majority of Americans are seeing their rates double with no end in site.

The ACA is a tale of two cities in that one the one hand, individuals with pre existing conditions are now treated as equals.  They can now qualify for insurance without suffering the penalties of having a heart or respiratory condition.  For once in their lives, they are treated as health equals.  On the other hand, the average American citizen is suffering a “penalty” of sorts.  With little competition and insurances forced to adjust prices to compensate for the less healthy, prices are raised for everyone.

While one group benefits, the larger majority falls behind.  With this massive “brother’s keeper” experiment, we learned one thing.  People are willing to help others, as long as they are not penalized in the process.

Donald Trump has now promised something great and better for American health insurance.  While many people yell, “anything is better than Obamacare!” I am reminded that similar statements were made before the ACA was passed in the first place.  Whatever Trumpcare ends up being, there will be its supporters and criticizers.  Such is politics.

But whatever route is taken, I believe the tale of two health insurance cities is far from over.