“Change must be real,” Jesse Jackson said during a speech urging Uber executives to release there diversity numbers. Currently Uber is one the largest tech companies who have failed to commit to transparency by releasing workforce data. Jackson is asking the $60 billion company to increase its diversity efforts by releasing the following:

  • Hiring numbers from 2014 to present
  • EEO-1 government documents (which is a compliance survey mandated by federal statute and regulations)
  • Diversity in its board of directors

Jackson is not the only one pressuring Uber to reveal its diversity data however.  A coalition of local Oakland groups and civil rights activist are calling upon Uber to do so as well.  Back in September of 2016, Uber executives announced a plan to “bring 2,300 employers to it upcoming Oakland campus, and it assured the coalition that [it] intends to work with local Oakland vendors.”  Since the announcement, Uber has remained quiet and failed to provide further information on how they plan to involve the local groups of Oakland.

Orson Aguilar, president of coalition organization The Greenlining Institute, shed some light on Uber’s failed promises and lack of diversity. “”We support the Reverend Jesse Jackson in his call to Uber. Uber has been suspiciously quiet on their diversity data and we believe that the company is to ashamed to release their poor data.”

Source: http://www.inc.com/salvador-rodriguez/uber-diversity-jesse-jackson.html

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