According to Small Business Trends, 77% of small businesses do not have a big data strategy.  Big data, is a concept that can be misconstrued.  While some only think of it as information overload, the concept is all about making business processes simpler.  Understanding where your customers are coming from, how your business processes are performing and what to focus on moving forward is the core of the big data platform.  Currently making all this information simple for the non-technical person is a bit of an issue.  Most times, companies in the space offer huge DIY solutions that many small business owners do not have the time to learn and teach their employees to use.

Making so much information simple and easy to digest is a major issue, but the company that can solve this, will be the billion dollar solution for smaller firms.  In addition to simplicity, cost is another factor when deciding to utilize big data services.  For small businesses, it is currently not reasonable or feasible to implement a solution servicing their business.

Big data is important and can take many small companies to the next level in terms of understanding their process and potential clients, but until a tool is made at an affordable cost for the non-technical owner, less than half of small businesses will seek to purchase a solution.