I must admit that when I saw the trailer for Hidden Figures, I like most Americans thought “oh that’s nice, a story about the first black women at NASA…..good for them!”.  While I had no immediate plans to watch the film, I ended up venturing out to take a look.  After seeing the film I can honestly say that Hidden Figures is a masterpiece.

No I’m not reviewing it as a film critic, but more so on its content.  Hidden Figures is about 3 black women that many of us never knew existed.  For example, I never knew ANY black people worked on the mathematical computations necessary to help put a man in space and on the moon.  Like most I never really thought about it, and when I did figured it was only white men that worked hard on putting men in space.  After watching the movie it seems logical that people of all races helped in the process, but that’s a long way from most people’s thought process I can guarantee that.

The movie is a masterpiece because it truly makes you consider the Hidden Figures in every industry and other walks of life.  What don’t we know about everyday inventions or about the makeup of America.  We are taught to believe that minorities held a backseat until rights were given, but in fact black Americans have had a seat at many tables, many were just never spoken of.

As a black man, I truly appreciate this look into black excellence outside the realm of sports and entertainment.  This is truly what a community struggling in STEM (or so we are led to believe) need to understand that every person is capable of being a genius.

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