In a few years, the age of training videos will be a thing of the past.  Virtual Reality (VR) is already changing the future of technology with early adopters utilizing it for meetings, simulations and more.  As VR grows more mainstream, people are currently looking to expand on its offerings.

After receiving a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant for diversity projects, Jason Chen of William & Mary is looking to use VR technology to help in diversity training within the geoscience community.  The grant will be used to interview members of the geoscience community and discuss different issues that come up in the workplace dealing with diversity.  Once the interviews are complete, three simulations will be created to help walk employees through diversity training utilizing VR technology.  The project will take a few years, but Chen is hoping to change the way people are trained and understand diversity dealing in geoscience.

VR is the future and a project like this is as important to diversity as expanding purchasing opportunities for diverse suppliers.  Understanding different cultures in the workplace is difficult but necessary to create a successful and prosperous environment.  We at Supplierty News congratulates Jason Chen on his grant and can’t wait for the finished product and its outcomes.

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