Taking a stand for what you believe in is never easy.  While LGBT laws are seemingly gaining steam in some areas, California has backed its support for the LGBT community with a new ban on travel for all state employees.  Any business travel to the below states will not be completed due to their anti-LGBT laws:

  • North Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Mississippi
  • Kansas

California is taking a hardliner stance with this one but they are backing their beliefs.  I understand where the state is coming from, but this is a troubling precedent.  What if Kansas responds by banning state sponsored flights to California?  The state is walking a thin line at the moment, and maybe this will push states to rethink laws.  However again, this could also result in the alternative.  I for one do not want states to have less communication due to their laws.  In the end LGBT protection must come at a Federal level.  Until that day comes, these issues will continue.


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