Whether Sean Spicer actually believes the [bleep] that comes out of his mouth is irrelevant.  In a divided country, if you support Trump, you agree with…most….of Spicer’s facts…or alternative facts….or misrepresented facts….or [insert adjective here] facts.  If you hate Trump, then you view all of Spicer’s comments as one big lie he’s seeking to feed gullible Americans to turn them against the “liberal” media.

But is it his fault.

Imagine working for Donald Trump for a second…..ok, now imagine being Donald Trump’s “mouthpiece”.  This means that you have to interpret all of President Trump’s thoughts, policies, and Twitter posts to millions of Americans not sure if tomorrow’s change in weather will cause Trump to tweet something about Boeing causing their stock to tumble.

Sean Spicer has the hardest job in America, and it will only get worse.

Did Sean Spicer lie when discussing Trump’s cabinet diversity or when he claimed the Trump inauguration was the biggest in person or online ever?  Honestly, who knows.  Let’s take a look at Trump and his backers.  President Trump has proven time and time again that his reality is different from our own (after all, according to Donald Trump, no one has more respect for women than Donald Trump).  So, if that information is fed to the press secretary, what can he do?

If the President of the United States tells you to go out and tell America that his inauguration was the largest in the history of inaugurations, what do you do?  If the President tells you to tell America that diversity is not a priority, what do you do?  Sean Spicer’s “alternative facts” were bad, but they are not entirely his fault.  His job is to keep us informed on the administrations dealings, and that is precisely what he is doing.  In his defense his responses are consistent with President Trump’s campaign rhetoric…and it will continue to be so.

Sean Spicer is a mouthpiece for a President that doesn’t respect the media.  It’s not his fault what he says and defends.  He is doing what he was hired to do.  As the Trump administration moves forward just know one thing, this is not the last or worst “alternative fact” we will hear from Sean Spicer.  Get ready, these next 4 years are going to be amazing, and Spicer will be at the forefront trying to explain what went right, and what went wrong (because of the media and not because of the Trump administration).


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