The Democratic National Committee is currently searching for a new chair person to lead the political party.  The candidates running for the position include Tom Perez, Keith Ellison, Jehmu Greene, Jaime Harrison, Sally Boynton Brown, Ray Buckley, and Pete Buttigieg. Last night at the Democracy in Color forum, the seven candidates joined together to discuss the issues of diversity and racial injustice. In the end, all candidates agreed that the party isn’t doing enough for minority issues.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid was the host of the forum and asked the candidates to give tangible ways the DNC could improve its relationship with voters including young persons, minorities and civil rights activist groups.

While Jaime Harrison stated that, “Black lives will matter if I’m DNC chair. I’ve been a black man all my life.”, Keith Ellison took a different approach, arguing that he would develop a way for demonstrators to join the political process. Perez and Buttigieg added to the conversation, speaking concretely on the end of the Obama administration and how it would effect activism from the DNC.

Before the night ended the candidates were asked how the DNC would seek to increase diversity among grassroots organizations. Ellison devised a plan to turn the state of Texas blue and let our President know that the Democratic Party is on the side of “…inclusion and empowerment.” Buckley provided his plan of action by saying, “If we stop spending money on corporate media, we’ll have the money to hire thousands of young Latinos.”

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