Luis Garcia is a Philadelphia native and founder of Ambition Media, a social media agency that promotes, grows, and engages followers of its multiple accounts.  According to their website, three of the company’s many client accounts “average 24 Million+ impressions weekly!”  Their “entire network of accounts is 50 million+ followers with accounts in luxury, fitness, gentlemen, model and more.”

The success of the company is a direct result of the hard work and values its founder, Luis Garcia exemplifies.  Garcia, in a Forbes interview told of the discipline and focus he learned in the military and how he used that to catapult his business.

Keep in mind that Ambition Media isn’t your run of the mill social media firm.  They’re serious about engaging and growing followers for their clients.  With 75% of its 500 million+ users taking action when asked, the value of the organization for those looking to expand their reach is immeasurable.

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