One of the biggest issues (if not THE biggest issue) surrounding small business ownership is access to capital.  While selling a service or product is the essence of business success, the ability to grow and hire new employees matching client need is just as important.

While reading the Forbes article on access to capital, Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business program was highlighted in an effort to understand the plight of small businesses and discern the exact issues of gaining access to capital.  The finding of the magazine came to three points:  Finding, Fitting, and Financing.  According to the article it all starts with finding the right type of funding opportunity, and I couldn’t agree more.  One of the biggest issues during the past 5 years has been the increase regulatory environment making it hard for regular small businesses to qualify for financing opportunities.  Because of this, businesses have been forced to seek out alternative funding options, making the search for loans and financing more difficult than in years past.

Identifying the best financing fit is honestly the beginning and the end of the funding process in my opinion.  If you are able to do that, you are able to understand what opportunities your business qualifies for and which you do not.

Understanding financing opportunities is a small businesses one and only option.

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