Bitcoin is the future. Now when I say future, I don’t mean 2 weeks from now, but rather a few decades from today. Bitcoin is crypto or digital currency that allows businesses to purchase goods and services without the need for banks, credit, or cash. The idea is that each bitcoin is worth a certain amount of “cash” or “credit” based on a country’s current currency worth. For example, one Bitcoin can be worth as much as $800 USD and converted to such rather than holding actual cash. Because of its growing stability many well known corporations including Microsoft,, and Dell now accept the new form of currency. There are many positives and negatives to the currency format but the main point I want to emphasis is that Bitcoin is the future!

Technology was bound to create its own currency that can be used for trade. Originally it was debt and credit, eventually evolving into debit and credit cards. Now Bitcoin is the next step. Unlike most banks,the interest charged on a Bitcoin transaction is extremely low (less than 1%) and can be received much quicker. If you’re a small business growing frustrated with 90 day waiting periods, in the future Bitcoin may change that from 90 days to 90 seconds.

Like most new currency models, Bitcoin, although growing better, is unstable. If you own a US dollar for example, you may go to the store one day and pay for $2.00 for gas, and at the end of the next day pay $2.02. For Bitcoin that could change in worth could happen in seconds. Yes Bitcoin is a risk, but its ability to easily cross borders with zero financial regulation makes it a very serious investment for small businesses in the international markets. Take a look at Bitcoin and see if its right for you. I think you’d be pleasantly surprised.

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