Twitter’s Dashboard tool which aimed to help small businesses connect with Twitter profiles online will be phased out over the next few weeks. No one knows for sure why this is according to Engadget, but this continues Twitter’s struggle with developing products to increase its profit. Twitter is not a positive revenue generate and its hard to say why that is exactly. You have to figure that at some point the company will “get it right” and generate billions on its user base, but the attraction of the company may also be what’s restricting its revenue growth. It’s free, promotes spamming (in a way), and gains popularity through its controversial figures and off the cuff tweets.

When it comes to revenue not every great idea can be made into a successful business. Although the company is making tons of money, balancing expenses with a slow growing profit margin will continue to plague the company moving forward. I do believe Twitter can be a great tool for small business. Just last week our company promoted a Tweet garnering large traffic to our website. Twitter works, but creating a value proposition on exactly how to utilize it correctly is the key to the future of Twitter.