When it comes to India, international corporations salivate at the thought of selling products to over 1 billion potential consumers. Unlike China, whose government takes part in much of the private business of the country, India is much more free market, allowing organizations to enter it and have a fair opportunity at making a sizable profit.

At the head of the technology rush into India is none other than American giant Google. While there are plenty of opportunities for the tech behemoth, currently the biggest issue with the country is its lack of internet presence. Much of the country does not have access to the internet, with much of the online presence coming via mobile devices and applications. While some corporations like Uber see this as a fantastic opportunity others like Google have a bit of a challenge. Google currently is seeking to promote its Google Pixel phone offering as a way to penetrate the market, but as of today results have been inconclusive. While promoting their mobile device remains key for the organization, getting the country on the web is vital to expand its operation.

According to Google, “nearly three-quarters of the country’s 51 million small businesses currently lack a web presence.” While this creates a huge opportunity in the future, it is a drag for the company currently. Although the country is getting more people and businesses online, the time it takes to do so has not been as quick as Google would like.

But Google continues its effort in the country. With a CEO from the growing economy and multiple efforts to get more individuals onto the web for free, the company has invested heavily in India and looks to reap the benefits in the coming decade. This is a cue for Google and a bonus for small businesses who can now join the international market with products and services possibly benefiting people from around the globe.

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