Everything is relative. When analyzing the diversity numbers of the Trump administration, simply comparing its numbers to that of country’s population may not be the appropriate measuring stick. While taking a look at a PBS’ analysis of Diversity inside the 115th Congress, it’s amazing how much better President Trump has performed in some diversity categories versus American voters.

I say American voters because, in order to become a member of the 115th Congress, American citizens had to select individuals from their local cities they felt would best represent their values. In that comparison alone, Donald Trump is actually doing better in selecting women and Asian Americans then…well…Americans. As the figure above shows, Women make up 50% of the US population while Asians make up just over 6%. Only 19.9% of women and 2.8% of Asians were selected by everyday Americans to represent their values in Congress. In contrast 21% of Donald Trump’s Cabinet will be made up of women and over 10% will be made up of Asians. Amazingly, when Donald Trump makes the remark that he cares about women more than the average American citizen, he is technically correct. While blacks and Latinos (especially Latinos), Trump fails miserably at in terms of representation in comparison to the US population, so too does the American voter, although not as miserable as President Trump.

No I’m not saying Donald Trump is a champion of diversity and that this means his administration will support diversity initiatives. I honestly think the opposite is true. However, alot of people reacted negatively to a President who is selecting Cabinet members often times inline with what American voters choose for their own local representatives. If people are blaming Donald Trump for the current trend, they must first look at America as a whole and understand that President Trump is closer to the average American citizen then most people are giving him credit for.


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