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Diversity is the future….which is why it’s so hard to implement today

Let’s be honest, building support for your organizations local diversity initiative is hard. While most people see diversity as a nice to have, convincing upper management of its necessity for business growth is next to impossible. While those in management roles seek solutions that affect the bottom line today, diversity programs cannot be accurately defined.

Why is it necessary to find a woman or minority to perform a job when I can just hire my white friend? The short answer is that it isn’t a necessity today, however the (much)
longer answer is that it is a vital necessity for tomorrow. As a young boy born in the late 80s, I can remember life before cell phones, the internet, and cable television. It was in those times that the word “technology” was only used by geeks, nerds, and people you made fun of. Now technology experts are leading the world into a future only they can truly understand. Things that are not made clear today, will be eventually, but if your business is not prepared for the change, you will fail. And that is the concept of diversity. Like technology in the 80s, only a few people understand its future impact, but I am here to tell you that it will indeed be huge. To prepare for the opening up your recruiting process is vital to your company’s growth.

The employee demographic is changing similar to the 1960s, and if your corporation isn’t positioning yourself for that, similar to consumers, you will fall behind. Like an 80s tech expert trying to explain the necessity of a personal computer, diversity will be something we all understand better very soon.

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