DTE Energy recently released a statement declaring $1.3 billion in spend with Michigan based corporations.  Since 2010, the company has spent a total of $2.6 billion with Michigan organizations to help create an estimated 13,000 jobs.  In addition, in 2016, the energy giant spent over $300 million within the city of Detroit alone, and another “$410 million with certified diversity suppliers, representing nearly 20 percent of the company’s overall spend.”

The effort of DTE is truly commendable and a testament to their supplier diversity and Michigan focused purchasing departments.  Starting from a few hundred million in 2010, the energy organization has created a process where state businesses can truly flourish.  With the energy industry looking at a decrease in regulations in the near future, these numbers may increase even further.

While the information on the spend is incredible, learning how they were able to grow at such a pace would be amazing.  As always, we at Supplierty News are continuing to promote more information on just how their spend has grown so much and so fast!  Nonetheless congratulations to the organization and I salute them for their bright future.

Here are a few highlights of DTE’s partnership with Michigan-based vendors :

  • Southeast Michigan & Metro Detroit: DTE invested more than $1 billion with 700 companies, creating more than 5,385 jobs
  • West Michigan: In the western region of the state, DTE spent $44 million with 97 companies, creating 222 jobs
  • Northeast and Northwest Michigan: DTE invested more than $24 million with 68 companies, creating 122 jobs South Central Michigan (includes Clinton, Eaton and Ingham counties): DTE spent $17 million with 30 companies in the Greater Lansing area, creating more than 85 jobs
  • East Michigan: In the “thumb” region, DTE spent nearly $67 million with 190 companies, creating 334 jobs

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