Remember the good old days when a politician would make an extreme comment, the press would drag his name through the mud, and he’d have to apologize?  Remember the days when politicians would promise a million things and you’d have to hope to get 20% of them?  Well Donald Trump is changing the politic atmosphere in more ways than one.

In less than a month as our President, Donald Trump has already begun to move on most, if not all of his campaign promises during his year long quest for the Presidency.  I cannot recall a President who has moved this fast on most of his key promises.  While those who support the President’s run are excited, most are a little alarmed and impressed at the same time.

With so many people use to the old school way of politics, most thought President Trump’s rhetoric was just that.  They assumed he was playing to his base and not serious about implementing some of the far reaching goals like a Mexican wall and having Mexico pay for it.  But here we are, on the brink of a trade war with Mexico as President Trump figures out a way to make Mexico pay.

As it turns out, having a non politician in office does have its uses in regards to getting things done.  The downside is that if you didn’t support his views before he got into office, you are hating his efficiency now.

But this change might be good.  Today (and that could change), I am convinced we won’t have another Trump type run for President anytime soon.  America is just too diverse and when the Millennial generation hits age 40+ (when you’re most likely to vote), like after the Civil Rights movement, there just won’t be much room for the type of intolerance Trump preached (it will just evolve into another form).  The change will hopefully set a president of getting things done however.  When the next President talks about “politics as usual” for not accomplishing something, people can now point to President Trump and say, “well this guy got it done”.  Obviously people will forget his majority in the Senate and House, but to be fair, most don’t really agree with all of Trump’s

Trump’s legacy will be a very polarizing one.  I believe that the Trump administration will be the Best of Times and the Worst of Times for many American citizens


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