Making America great again is hard work.  As President Trump continues to reverse many Obama administration policies with executive orders, one must wonder when actual conversations with Congress will take place on how to implement specific legislation.  But for now, grand orders are present.

In the latest move from President Trump, an executive order looking to eliminate 75% of regulatory practices has been signed.  Obviously this won’t happen over night, but the new order, nicknamed “Two-for-One”, makes it mandatory for all Federal departments to eliminate two regulations for every one that they implement.  While the idea sounds great on paper, it is no where near as specific as it need to be to actually enact change.  As many experts have already pointed out, the answer to policy like this is simply creating more complex regulations and ultimately more work for small businesses.  For example, a government department could create a new regulation with multiple steps, hiding the fact that it’s 10 regulations within one, and only eliminate 2 regulations in the process.  Although I’m sure the President meant well, this is actually creating a more complex situation as it stands today.

Much has to be done to spell out exactly what qualifies as a regulation and how specific a directive can go, but for now the new order accounts for very little.  I’m a bit pessimistic as this will eventually be put in the hands of career politicians who, after several deals, may create legislation that does almost nothing for small business suffering.

We will continue to update you on the regulation policy but for now, do not celebrate as nothing has really changed.