“You don’t look like you’re from around here.”

A chilling way to start a conversation in today’s America.  Tomorrow’s Super Bowl will have plenty of cool and exciting commercials to choose from, but in the “pre-super bowl” commercial era, The new “Born The Hard Way” Budweiser video takes the cake.

The commercial seeks to highlight the struggle of Adolphus Busch and his immigration from Germany to St. Louis, MS where he would ultimately create the well known beer brand Budweiser.  It’s an epic 40 second tale of the hardships immigrants of the time went through to be accepted in America.  Amazingly, and sadly, there are many similarities between the Busch’s struggle of yesteryear and the current sentiments towards immigrants today.

While many promote the fact that Dolphus Busch was “legal” they neglect to notice the issues surrounding his presence.  Being a legal immigrant doesn’t simply wash away stereotypes or unfair treatment, those things still exist.  The new commercial does an excellent job in showcasing this and simply states that we all have our struggles in order to be successful.

Immigration is the backbone of America!  Immigration is our nation’s past, and future.

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