In 2016, Twitter made it known to the world that the company planned to increase its diversity numbers. Janet Van Huysse, Twitter’s VP of Diversity and Inclusion, indicated the following, “We want the makeup of our company to reflect the vast range of people who use Twitter. Doing so will help us build a product to better serve people around the world.” According to the goal the social media giant increased the overall representation of women within the company from 34% to 35%. Compared to Facebook and Google, Twitter seemed to be fairing pretty well.  Which is why Twitter’s diversity chief Jeffrey Siminoff’s announced departure after only one year at the position comes as a shock.

Despite the timing of the announcement, Siminoff’s seems to be leaving on good terms. Here is a screen shot of the tweet Siminoff released to his Twitter followers about his departure.

Even though Twitter seems to fair well compared to fellow social media platforms when it comes to workplace diversity, the company is still dragging. According to an EEO-1 report released in 2016, “Underrepresented minorities and women continue to lag at the company where nine of 10 employees are white or Asian and about two-thirds are men.”

While Twitter looks to increase its workplace diversity, at the top of its agenda now, is a new diversity head.

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