Alibaba, the Chinese tech giant that specializes in business to business transactions is looking to expand its reach with the opening of a new office in Melbourne, Australia.

Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba has a goal that not only includes Australia, but the entire world.  Mr Ma believes in globalization and wants to spread that throughout the world. “According to Mr Ma, Alibaba’s platform has the potential to create 100 million jobs worldwide, connect with 2 billion customers and make 10 million small businesses profitable.”

It is the dream of Ma to create a world where large and small businesses both benefit from the connections created by his platform.  An interesting and far reaching theory no doubt, but one worth pursuing.  Unfortunately, as of today, Alibaba’s push to be a more global corporation has been tough to say the least.  While the platform is hugely popular in Ma’s native China, other countries including the US, Australia, and western Europe have not received the platform as friendly.

The one redeeming fact about Alibaba is it’s commitment to native nations.  In order to build its platform, the company heavily recruits local businesses within the area to sign up and sell their goods.  This, Ma believes, will help spur job creation and increase small business sales throughout every nation.

So far his message has been well received in Australia with millions of projected jobs estimated over the next few years.  Whether Ma can deliver on these promises remains to be seen, but in theory the idea does have merit.