Revisiting President Obama’s comments about an American future with a Latino, woman, Jewish, or Hindu President, I’ve decided to add my thoughts on if this is actually possible.

Statistically of course this is possible.  Assuming America never fails and continues along its path, at some point with the increasing minority demographics, a woman or Latino are bound to take office.  For Jewish and Hindus it may be a bit of a stretch or take longer.  According to CNN, “There are about 4 million Jews and an estimated 2.29 million Hindus in the US.”  With such a small number, looking at this statistically speaking, it most likely will take longer to achieve the highest office in America compared to women or Latinos which could earn this achievement as early as 2020.

In an interesting fact, “The country took nearly 220 years since its first presidential election to elect an African American president, and as a Protestant-majority country it waited more than 170 years to pick its first Catholic president, John F Kennedy.”  You can make the argument that it took 170 years for America to elect its first non-Protestant President, and 50 years to elect its second non-Protestant President.  As with things like this, the time it will take to elect the third non majority should be sooner than 50 years.  If it’s cut by two-thirds again, we can expect the next diverse President to be elected in the next 15 to 20 years.

Random Statistics!  But in the end, yes President Obama is correct in his prediction.  It is less a question of if, but rather when it will happen.