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Will Trump continue diversity efforts in National Security?

Before President Obama left office, in conjunction with Susan E Rice, the United States National Security Advisor, pushed through a memorandum “that instructed agencies to take a series of actions “promoting diversity and inclusion in the national security workforce.””  While criticized for pushing through the initiative a few months before his exit, the memorandum happened in October.  At the time many believed Hilary Clinton was primed to take office as the first female President in American history.  Confidence must have been high that the initiative would only grow under a Clinton Administration, but now with the election of Donald Trump, things have changed greatly.

Essentially the memorandum expands on the idea that the national security workforce should do more to increase its representation of minorities.  Currently 90% of the State Department’s Senior Executive Service and 87% of the Senior Foreign Service are white.  Under the initiative a report is given to the President outlining diversity within the department.  Efforts are then created to try and increase diversity.

Under Donald Trump, I think it’s safe to say that initiatives like these will not be promoted as much.  Whether he continues or eliminates this is still up in the air, but I for one do not have high hopes.


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