After watching the “Morning Joe” discuss their banning of Kellyanne Conway (one of several news outlet to do so in recent weeks), I felt the need to write my thoughts concerning the issue.

For those unaware of what I’m talking about, you can check out the clip below:


Love her or hate her, Kellyanne Conway is a female trailblazer.  After taking the reigns of the Trump campaign, Conway became the first woman in American history to successfully win a presidential campaign as its manager.  Throughout November, Conways saw her stock rise to untold heights proving that her two-month long leadership was a labor of love and purpose.

Fast forward 90 days, and Conway has gone from a trusted advisor to a White House employee with next to zero influence.  As many news outlets are discovering, Conway is not close to the President anymore.  As the “Morning Joe” (and others) have mentioned, the former campaign manager is not in any of the important meetings concerning policy and often learns of major administrative changes when the rest of America learns.

It’s a sad fall from grace for probably the second most powerful Trump advisor at one point.  But that’s politics.

For me, I think Conway should resign and move on.  She is less than a year from her big win with Trump and can parlay that into a successful career elsewhere.  It won’t give her the same notoriety, but at this point I honestly can’t remember any positive points she’s made in the past 30 days.  From coining the phrase “alternative facts” to reassuring Americans that President Trump supports a national security head the same day the administration proves otherwise, it is clear Conway’s dream has now become a nightmare.

But she can wake up.  And unfortunately, I think its time to do just that.  Fall from the public for a few weeks and quietly resign is my suggestion…but who knows, maybe Conway likes living in her world full of “alternative facts” where she’s President Trump’s most trusted advisor.