Bruce LeVell early supporter of Donald Trump and head of the President’s diversity coalition will look to win the seat of former Representative Tom Price in Georgia’s 6th district.  His platform will be a huge push of Trump values with the slogan that LeVell will be the “biggest Trump supporter” if elected.  While other candidates boast similar claims, LeVell will have the inside track in terms of proving his stance on backing Trump.

While not the only person running this season on a pro-Trump platform, the upcoming election season will tell just how effective the President’s message is getting across to the American public.  While Republicans always lose the total popular vote in terms of nationwide elections for House Representatives (the district alignments which favor Republicans have done alot to keep the party in power), the vote within each district is all that matters, and could see another Trump bump if the President can follow through on his campaign promises.

But with recent public backlash from both the right and left, it makes you wonder if most Trump supporters backed all of his pledges.  Bruce LeVell will be one of many signs as to whether the American people are buying or selling a Trump Presidency and may also be an indicator of whether he will win his 2020 re-election.

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