It’s hard standing up for what you believe in, especially when it seems the majority of people are against you.  Despite so many people telling you otherwise there is great honor in staying true to your belief system and defending your stance until the end.

This is the life of a social conservative in America.  Defenders of pro-life and male-female marriage, these American crusaders look to impose their beliefs on the rest of the country despite push back.

And I support the right to do so.  I only take issue with one point as it pertains to social conservatism.  When it comes to the LGBT community, why should their American rights be infringed upon?

When it comes to pro-life, I completely understand the stance.  In my opinion, when creating legislation for a group of people whether it be gender, ethnicity, or other, as a country you are obligated to consult members of that community to understand their situation and create the best possible solution for governing purposes.  There are many clear examples in American history where this was NOT done, resulting in the discrimination of communities that are still hurting from those choices today.

And here we stand, in the middle of another discriminatory practice.

Let’s be clear, this has less to do with religion than many people try and promote.  While some social conservatives do reflect their views from religion, most do not.  For example, you can’t be a religious supporter of pro-life and not support universal healthcare or federal social programs created to aid the poor.

So why are social conservatives pressed to alienate and discriminate against a community they are not apart of?  Yes I understand that there are LGBT people who are also social conservative, but we can agree, that the majority of LGBT members support things such as gay marriage.

As a conservative I will never support a rule of law that infringes on a group of Americans without any cause to do so.  To make matters worse we are now seeing legislation with next to zero consultation with LGBT members being enacted and costing taxpayers billions.  Look at North Carolina as an example.

And now Texas is looking to join the pompous LGBT social conservative circle despite estimates that include the state losing hundreds of millions in revenue.

Every American citizen deserves protection and equal rights under the law.  If anyone thinks differently, no matter what they use to defend their stance, they are wrong as it pertains to our constitution.  All men (and women) are created and anti-LGBT rights members need to understand that.  If you truly support the constitution than you support LGBT rights.  Period.