In an effort to increase the representation of women in business, Presidents Trump and Trudeau have come together for the creation of the Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders.  According to a joint statement released by the two Presidents “It is a priority of both countries to ensure equal opportunities for women in the workforce. We are committed to removing barriers to women’s participation in the business community and supporting women as they advance through it.”

While it remains to be seen what the exact responsibilities the council will have, the newly formed council already touts top women in business including  Elyse Allan of General Electric Canada, Carol Stephenson of General Motors and Julie Sweet of Accenture North America.

Women on executive councils in the S&P500 are at an all time high.  There are currently only 5 companies (soon to be 4) that do not have women on their executive boards but the partnership between the two countries is looking to do an even better job with representation.  Women make up around 50% of the population for both countries resulting in a need to grow women in business to match population need.

Although the Obama administration statistically did a great job in this regard, an effort needs to be made to add more than one or two women.  Hopefully this new partnership will go a long way in doing so.

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