Illegal immigration is a bad word in today’s society.  Saying you support illegal immigration is like saying you support the decimation of job opportunities.  While the exact implications of illegal immigration is hard to specify, the truth of the matter is that there is and always will be a negative result on the economy of the nation effected.  And this fact is exactly why so many people despise illegal immigration.

And this is also why, artificial intelligence (AI) will be the evolution of the illegal immigrant.  It has been estimated that the recent automation of jobs is only the first step in a large change in job opportunities.  Technology is revolutionizing our world in extraordinary and sometimes scary ways.  For example, did you know that Virtual Reality (VR) is getting to the point that you can place a child in a VR simulation for their entire life, and they would never know they are not living a real life?

Welcome to 2017!

AI is the next step in the process of job efficiency.  From simple advancements like the wheel and fire, to the assembly line and others, technology has generally improved the lives we’ve lived.  Today however, it may lead to our demise.  The great thing about technology is that it can solve any question we as humans have.  The problem with technology is that it can solve any question we as humans have.

For large corporations, that question is cost.  How can a business cut costs and increase efficiency at the same time?  Well the answer in every case is better technology.  And better technology means a smaller need for humans.  And a lesser need for a human means higher unemployment rates.  Not even Donald Trump can stop the evolution of technology, and its future as the inevitable enemy of jobs.  With the elimination of jobs, people will want to ban AI in its entirety, but our reliance will be so great that it may not be possible (could you imagine if a political group tried to ban the use of the internet or phones).

Yet in still, it will be the future’s illegal immigrants.  A perceived uninvited guest that people feel are taking advantage of job opportunities once reserved for a specific group of humans.  People will picket and seek to ban AI and demand assurances of job protection from the new technology.   But large corporations, will by in large ignore this call.  They will be making record profits and view the change as bad for business.

If the Trump election has taught us anything, it is that people fear the unknown and will resort to extreme change if the current regime is neglecting their needs.  But as we are learning, turning to the extreme, is rarely the answer.  So what will the solution of the next wave of “illegal immigration”?  Only time will tell.  Until then, get ready to see unemployment continue to rise.