After all the controversy, President Trump has named H.R. McMaster as the new National Security Advisor. McMaster has been hired to replace former National Security Advisor Flynn after only three weeks in the position. Although many Democrats and Republicans have applauded President Trump pick, some have criticized the interview process. Out of the four candidates interviewed for the position, all were white men.

Shamila Chaudhary, former member of the National Security Council under the Obama Administration, believes there is a big problem with the President’s list of candidates. “If you have an all-white, male room, not just women, but if you don’t have enough African Americans around the table, or if you don’t have Muslims on the table, or if you don’t consult those kinds of people in the process of your decision-making,” Chaudhary said, “then something definitely gets lost.”

Chaudhary believes that there is a need to hear from more than one perspective when it comes to national security and she pointed out that former President Barack Obama shared her sentiments. Beyond her subjective view, studies have shown she has a point. According to a Washington Post survey, “nearly 500 senior US foreign policy officials, which revealed that men are less likely than women to consider how their policies might impact men and women differently.”

Whether you agree with Chaudhary or not, she makes a valid point, the need for different perspectives is always key to finding the best candidate.


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