America is steadily becoming more and more diverse. Racial and ethnic minorities are increasing at fast rates impacting all parts of American society.  Now you may think that we are specifically speaking about urban America when it comes to our country growing more diverse, however, rural America is actually increasing its diversity as well.  According to the great folks from The Conservation, “9 out of 10 rural places experienced increases in diversity between 1990 and 2010, and these changes occurred in every region of the country… Immigrant-rich suburbs are rising around cities like Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., which rival urban enclaves as destinations for Asians and Latinos.”

According to the Pew Research Center, immigration has driven the increase of racial and ethnic diversity in or country. California, Texas, New York, Illinois and Florida were the past sanctuary cities for many Latino immigrants but as time has changed Latino immigrants have spread throughout the nation to states like North Carolina, Georgia, Colorado and Iowa. Statistics have shown that the Latino population will be more than a quarter of the American population by 2065. So with President Trump recent immigration policies and down and out right disrespectful talk concerning Mexican people, many Latinos have been left with a sour taste of distrust in their mouths.

Whether the Republican party can expand their message outside of lower class white America is still a challenge, and with the estimated change of 2065, the party of Abraham Lincoln may be a foregone conclusion.


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