It seems that in today’s internet age, there are millions of podcasters posting their content everyday. While most struggle to get any semblance of a following, some have been able to push past the podcast boundaries and create a successful niche for themselves and their followers.

For those unaware, podcasting is the present and possibly the future. According to Poynter “About 155 million Americans over the age of 12 listen to some form of online radio, according to a survey conducted by Edison Research in January and February 2016. Of that group, about 57 million had listened to a podcasts during that period. In general, podcast listeners skew to the low 30s — far lower than the average listener for NPR’s flagship programs.”

Similar to television, the way people consume radio is changing. People, in particular millennials, are more likely to listen to presenters that reflect their views and interests versus listening to a nationally promoted radio station. While this is good news for the podcasting community, there are still many hurdles for the diversity of the industry. Most podcast host in the top-100 of iTunes are white and male. While there are examples of diversity gaining steam in podcast hosting, there is still a huge gap.

Still podcasting can be lucrative if you’re able to find substantial footing in the industry. ” Advertisers will pay $18 to $25 to reach every 1,000 readers on some shows, and advertisers on “Serial” paid between $50 and $60 to reach every 1,000 listeners.” While some are estimating that these numbers will decrease soon, the fact still remains that podcasting is the present and future.