A few weeks ago the Navy released its diversity road map ” that paves the way for a multi-ethnic force of sailors and civilians who are protected against discrimination based on “gender identity” or “sex stereotyping.” The road map was one of the last directives made during the Obama era which mandates a report for increasing diversity in the Navy. It should also be noted that mandate was created thanks to an inquiry on the subject during the Bush administration. While the report simply outlined successes of former Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, with suggestions on how to improve moving forward, “Elaine L. Donnelly, whose Center for Military Readiness opposed much of Mr. Obama’s cultural agenda, said the Navy should have withheld its diversity report until the Trump team took over.”

While Donnelly may have felt Obama hold-overs did this in an effort to undermine the current administration, I do not see it that way. If the releasing of a diversity report grinds your gears, from a group of Obama era supporters that will more than likely be removed in the next few months, you may need to rethink your priorities. Whether Defense Secretary James N. Mattis decides to continue the diversity agenda of the Obama administration remains to be seen, but reports on the successes or failures of current programs are necessary in order to evaluate its usefulness. We know that currently there is a drastic over-representation of white males in military positions and that these numbers need to improve as the population of America becomes more diverse.

In my opinion the push back of many diversity initiatives is the miss information given to those who do not understand it. Similar to an organization looking to increase profits by 10%, diversity initiatives are goals that look to improve productivity and grant opportunities for growing population groups. Utilizing a nation’s population correctly is important to creating a strong military and programs like these are looking to do just thus. We are no longer in the times of merit based achievements saved for only a select few. Expanding these opportunities is important for the safety and future of America.