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This year’s Academy Awards had a new agenda compared to last year

The 2017 Academy Awards event was a thing of beauty. From Jimmy Kimmel jokes, Viola Davis speech and La La Land being awarded the wrong award, it was just terrific. Unlike last year’s Oscars, where things were un-diverse so to say (I know it’s not a word but let’s go with it), this years effort proved much more inclusive.

The Oscars new ‘agenda’ was clear from the beginning, showing that last year’s mistakes wouldn’t plague this year’s ceremony. The first winner of the night was Mahershalia Ali from the movie Moonlight. His victory was special as he is the first Muslim American to win the Best Supporting Actor award. Soon after, Giorgio Gregorini and Christopher Nelson, makeup and hairstyling artists from the film Suicide Squad, gave a bolstering speech in support of immigration. “This is for all the immigrants!” Bertolazzi, an Italian native, said in his acceptance speech. While many voiced their pleasure of the Academy widening their award selections, further expansion is critical. April Reign said it best during her sit down with Entertainment Weekly, “Let’s remember that #OscarsSoWhite is not just about race, and definitely not just about the black race. While we’ve had some forward movement, there is a lot of work that needs to be done.”

Source : http://people.com/awards/oscars-2017-diverse-black-acting-wins-immigration/

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